This image was taken from the Dark Site where Astro Photo Camp is being held. Canon 450D ISO 800 27 second exposure. As many stars you are not likely to have seen on a clear, moonless night.

Light pollution? What Light pollution

With the nearest town or city being over 20 miles away and behind a mountain to the east, light pollution really is not an issue here.

Astro Photo Camp

Astro Photo Camp is being held in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire, not only a very rural, beautiful part of the English countryside, also a great dark site for astrophotography or observing.

Viewing the Milkyway

At this time of the year, on a clear , moonless night, this is the perfect location to view the Milky Way as it arks over the Golden Valley

Moonless nights

The dates marked in blue on the Moon Phase Calendar are pretty much moon free and also the same dates as Astro Photo Camp.

Astro Photo Camp brings you some of the inkiest, blackest skies you are likely to see.

Astro Photo Camp is being held in a wonderful part of the English Countryside with the darkest skies on the outskirts of the Black Mountains of Wales. With the dates of the camp being excellent for the phase of the Moon, all we need are Clear Skies my friends.


A large field has been rented for camping in tents, although if you are bringing a caravan, there is plenty of room in the car park. There are no electric hook ups, but the village hall has plenty of sockets to charge what ever you need.


As well as being a Beautiful, English Countryside location, it is also far enough away for light pollution not to be an issue, with a hill to the east, you will be able to see everything rising and either photograph or observe the wonders of the night sky under inky black skies.


There is a flat fee of just £25.00 per person. Stay for one night or all three. The fee is £25.00.

Come and visit the Golden Valley of Herefordshire for some of the darkest skies you are likely to see.

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